Thursday, December 27, 2012

Congress- You're Fired!

The 99% will fire you at the next election; unless you start serving the American people as we hired you to and not yourselves or the 1%.

We go over the Fiscal Cliff - so do you at the next election!

You do not fix the absurdity in which you treat our 21,000,000 veterans in general and our disabled, retired veterans in particular, the next election will show you looking for a job.

  • Stop this insanity you call paying us (retired and disabled) veterans disability when in fact you pay ZERO and the retired, disabled veteran pays himself 100% of his disability. My disability payment is taken directly out of my retirement pay every month. Stop making the tax free advantage more than attractive than it is. My monthly tax advantage is $7/month. Stop hoodwinking the American public. 
  • Stop the insanity of Congressional Math where 30+20=40. You have decided to shave our benefits even more by using a specially devised formula for figuring out a combined disability percent instead of the sensible way of just adding each percentage together. It is just another way to reduce our rated disability. My approved ratings are 30%  and 20% which they have combined to equal 40% (probably so I do not get the 50% rating that would make them pay my disability payment each month instead of taking it out of my retirement check).
  • Cut waste not payments and benefits! My current disability claim has wasted at least many thousands of taxpayers' dollars and that was just one case - multiply that by 100,000+ cases! 
We make them the "Untouchables" if we do not stand up and speak with one voice at the polls and let Congress and VA know now that we will hold them accountable for the treatment of our veterans and all Americans at the polls.  Don't believe this insanity? Ask any Vet with two or more ratings or any retired disabled vet about having to pay ourselves. You won't get any lip service from the veterans; only the sad and unbelievable truth. My records will prove everything I have said here that you probably don't believe.

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