Sunday, December 23, 2012

When does 20+30=40? Or 100 = Zero?

When does 20 and 30 equal 40? When the government computes your total disability!
When does 100 = 0? When you are retired and are also disabled less than 100% (now supposedly lowered to 50%)!

Most of us remember when our kids came home from school with the new math. Math that made it extremely more difficult to help them with their math homework. Well, this time the new math is Government style and they don't arrive at the same answer as you, I, and our kids (and their teachers) would.

When does 20 + 30 = 40? When you have two or more ratings for service connected disabilities. I have had migraines since 1973 and rated at 30% since 1988 when I retired.  Just last week they rated me 20% for diabetes connected to Agent Orange. I am not addressing the 20% at all. What I am addressing is that they do not add the percentages together to get 50% total but have devised another formula for combining two or more percentages to arrive at a total percentage. They state this in the rating decision awarding me a total disability rating of 40% (one click under from the 50% that requires them to actually pay me my disability if they have already reduced the cutoff to 50% from 100%).

Yes that is correct! Since my 30% disability rating in 1988, they have taken the disability out of my retirement check as every disabled veteran rated less than 100% knows as a fact. It is time the American public knows it too. It is time that Congress stop conning the voters.

When does 100 = 0? When you are retired and are also disabled less than 100%; they award you a disability monthly stipend. Only thing is they take it out of your retirement check. It is like the states who brag about how much of your lottery spending goes to state education but forget to tell you that they have deducted the same amount from their annual budgets since they are contributing an equal sum to the same budget.

I am sure the majority of the American public is unaware that we are required to pay our own disability while Congress brags how they award disability payments to our Veterans (retired less than 100% disabled veterans that is) just as they are unaware of the government's mathematics prowess. It really does not matter whether that cutoff disability percentage is (50 or 100%); some of our retired and disabled veterans will still get gypped out of their disability.

Nothing will change for our disabled or other Veterans unless the American people stand up and let them know they (Congress) will be held accountable at the polls. I have added another poll asking whether you were aware of these schemes to cut fiscal benefits of our veterans who put their life and health on the line doing the job of defending our freedom and lifestyle. Please at least fill that one in. There are 2.9 million disabled veterans as of 2009 growing every day. We feel the love when you say you appreciate our service/sacrifice and we would deeply appreciate it of you showed Congress just how much you appreciate it at the polls.

Here is a composite of some of my VA records to show what I say is the absolute truth. I am amazed why we, veterans, including me have not stood up before and demand fair treatment when it comes to disability. Now, I am and need all of your help to correct this outrageous abuse of our veteran's disability compensation. Let your Congressman now how you feel and will vote at the polls. My Congress person has told me personally that it is ridiculous now and that he will try to reverse it but he is outnumbered. I know how my Congress representative feels; do you?

And as for the 100% = Zero?

The Entry VA Waiver is the exact amount of my Disability payment supposedly paid by the government. It is  taken directly out of my retirement pay. It is not added back in to my total retired pay but paid in a separate VA payment. Not one penny is paid for by the government. Believe it! It is true! Our disabled vets who elected to remain in the service and serve our country for over 20 years have to pay their own disability. No matter how Congress justifies this, WE STILL PAY OUR OWN DISABILITY!

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