The Untouchables

Comment to this post to document unreturned phone calls to VA or other government offices and let them know that we deserve a lot better than that. They will learn that ignoring us will not make us go away; only make our voices heard loud and clear at the polls. Non-elected officials will be responsible to our elected politicians who are responsible to us at the polls. Please use this format:
Name of person you attempted to reach, title, phone number used and date and time called. Add any pertinent comments.

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  1. Doug Chapman, Veterans Service Center Manager, Atlanta Regional Office, (404) 929-5565
    Last attempt: 11/28/2012. 10:01 AM ET. Was in closed doors and told he would be free in about 30 mins. Left clear message with "Anita" for him to call me back. Still nothing after 11 days.
    I have called Doug 3 previous times after he told me to call him anytime. I left messages with his assistant; all ignored. I called 3 times one afternoon and no one picked up the phone. So maybe this time they had a training holiday or something. I will post actual dates and times as soon as I verify them.
    They think they are untouchable and can treat us anyway they like. When our elected officials realize how serious our votes will be, our non-elected officials will be held accountable by them.