Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Five Senses of Freedom

I served in the US Navy from 1965 through 1969; eighteen months in the Republic of South Vietnam as a member of Naval Advisory Team 143 and the Coastal Surveillance Center. I wrote this poem to express my feelings while in combat support operations on the rivers of I Corps. The first was to express my feelings of Freedom before I returned from Vietnam. This prose is copyrighted and may not be used in any form without my written permission.

                    The Five Senses of Freedom              
Copyright 1990 - Jack Feeman

See the dove, how free she flies.
   Just within, reach of human eyes.
See the way, she rides the skies;
   Free to fly, 'till the day she dies.

Feel the wind, cool in the air,
   As it blows, gently through your hair.
Feel the breeze, for all is fair;
  Unaware, of war's ghastly stare.

Hear Robbins, singing it clear.
  The songs of love, for all to hear.
Hear the song, a sound so dear,
  As Robbins, sing it every year.

Smell the Rose, in early spring,
  As it blooms, and Canaries sing.
Smell the dew, on everything,
  As buzzing, bees on petals cling.

Taste berries, wild on the vine,
  Ripe and sweet, as the perfect wine.
Taste the juice, so clean and fine,
  Growing wild, as the Cat O' Nine.

Weigh just these, Friend, add their sum;
  These the Five, Senses of Freedom.
Then go tell, the World so dumb,
  That this is, the "WHY" for Vietnam!

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