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  1. Disability pay.
    How can Congress say they are paying us disability when we, retired disabled veterans, pay ourselves? We are reminded each month as our disability pay is taken out of our retired pay in full. The tax advantage is hardly worth mentioning but of course it always is.
    There is no rationale behind the retired/disabled waiver in claims issues which are based on benefits and managed by Congress. If I served 20 or more years of active service, I am entitled to a set retirement rate. If I am disabled, I am entitled a set rate of disability pay. Both based on my base pay at the time of retirement or disability award. There is absolutely nothing connecting the two events other than if service-connected, the disability would not have probably occurred unless I was on active duty in a certain set of circumstances. How then is paying a veteran for each event; paying separately them twice for the same period of service? There is only one sensible reason; to avoid paying the full benefit for each separate event. As it stands; it is not only unfair but takes a reverse affect on retention. Once an active duty member is injured on active duty it is more beneficial for them to separate from active duty to avoid this rule. From a Congressman's own lips; "This needs to be addressed now!"